Depeche Mode – Endless (2008)

256/320 kbps

CD1: Depeche Mode – No beginning

01. Precious(Bob Motamedi psychedelic express bootleg mix edit)
02. Suffer well(Narcotic Thrust mix extended version)
03. It’s no good(Waiting for the night)
04. Halo(Jaycee Gelderbloom mix)
05. To have and to hold(The extremely long rape)
06. It doesn’t matter (Color theory version)

CD2: Depeche Mode – No end

01. Precious(galactic mix)
02. Suffer well(1Look vs Tiga overload mix)
03. It’s no good(Dj Newmoon remix)
04. Halo(Behind the wheel club mix)
05. To have and to hold(piano edit)
06. It doesn’t matter II(A brief period of rejoicing)