Van Halen – Live Houston, Texas [28.01.2008]

Set List:

Disc 1

D101 You Really Got Me
D102 I’m The One
D103 Runnin’ With The Devil
D104 Romeo Delight
D105 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
D106 Beautiful Girls
D107 Dance The Night Away
D108 Atomic Punk
D109 Everybody Wants Some
D110 So This Is Love
D111 Mean Street
D112 Pretty Woman
D113 Drum Solo

Disc 2:

D201 Drum Solo Pt2
D202 Unchained
D203 I’ll Wait
D204 And The Cradle Will Rock
D205 Hot For Teacher
D206 Little Dreamer
D207 Little Guitars
D208 Jamie’s Cryin’
D209 Ice Cream Man
D210 Panama
D211 Guitar Solo
D212 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
D213 1984/Jump

Source: audience (SP-CMC-2) > CSBB (set on 107 bass rolloff) > Sony mz-m100 HiMd (pcm)
Location: Left side 1st upper level row 115, mics clipped to glasses
Transfer: mz-m100 > usb > cdWave track splits) > FLAC level 6 > MP3
fudd Productions presents the Mighty Van Halen.